Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fact or Folklore?

Pin It Last week, I received a copy of this magazine in the mail on a trial basis.

It is a lovely magazine that captures the true heart of a farm girl. It has so many wonderful sections such as crafting, cooking, gardening and general work that is done around a farm. It also has a lovely website that can be found here....
There was an article in the February/March issue that I received which I found very interesting.
Here is an excerpt from it...
...When the 1918 flu pandemic killed 50-100 million people between 1918-1920, there was said to be a doctor who visited many farmers to see if he could help them combat the flu. The doctor came upon one household where everyone was very healthy. When the doctor asked what the family was doing that was different, the wife replied that she had placed a dish of unpeeled onions in each room of the home. The doctor asked if he could have one of the onions to observe under a microscope. When he did, he found traces of the flu virus in the onion. It had absorbed the infection, keeping the family healthy.....
The article continues on to explain that many small businesses are doing the same. They are placing onions around the workplace and have very few to no employees with any illnesses.
At the time when I read this article, I had been suffering with a very bad toothache. Nothing seemed to help the pain subside. After reading this article I thought 'why not try it?'.
That evening I cut off both ends of the onion as described in the article, placed it in a bowl next to my bed on my beside table. I could faintly smell the odor of the onion but nothing that was too unpleasant.
To my surprise by morning, the onion was black. My toothache was gone and has not returned since that night! Now, I don't know if it was the onion or a coincidence but I will definitely be trying it again when needed!
The article also states that it will work on individuals that are suffering with such things as pneumonia and colds.
Amazing! Fact or folklore? I don't know but I believe it!


  1. Get OUT of here! I've never heard of this before, but I totally have to try it!!! Love this kind of stuff!

  2. Wow Debbie will have to remember this one .

  3. Ummmmmmmmmm--Interesting!
    Glad the onion wasn't smelly!


  4. Well you never know! Most meds come from plants so....glad the pain has faded!

  5. I havent heard that one before..I will have to remember it ,if needed.Im always open minded when it comes to old fashioned remedies,'cause alot of them actually work!
    Thanks for the new info :0)

  6. A friend of mine reads that magazine! She tore out some pages on knitting and gave them to me so I looked at the bottom of the pages and they came from that magazine. The onion thing is a neat idea. When weather systems start moving across Oklahoma, my sinuses feel it. I will often get a "toothache" that goes away when the weather turns!


  7. I had heard that about an onion before so I asked my daughter who is studying micro-biology and she said it is fiction, but hey I'm all for what works and I might try it next time I feel ill. . . it can't hurt.

  8. This is really funny only because my husband was just telling me about a guy he works with and they did this during the past winter and no one was sick and even his mother-in-law(live together) who always gets sick in the winter... They just kept their onions on the counter and when they got soft threw them away. LOL.. I am really gonna try this...


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