Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Working on Projects

Pin It It has been snowing once again, so for the guys, it means time to have some outdoor fun! Luke and Bob have been taking advantage of our friend's snow machine. Dave (our friend) left it here for them to use whenever they like. He lives in town and doesn't have much opportunity to just jump on it and take a ride when he would like to. He decided to leave it here and will come up to visit when he wishes to go riding...in the meantime he told the guys to use it....so they have!

While they are out cheating death....they go waaaay too fast in my opinion...I have been busy sewing in the warmth of the house.

Here is a table runner top that I just finished yesterday. It will be given to my Auntie for Christmas.

Just the backing and the binding needs to be added.

I will be making her two nine-patch square runners to match for her end tables.

This table runner top will be a gift for my Mom's neighbor.

My Mom asked me to make some for her close friends and she will be giving them as gifts for Christmas.
So my days have been busy sewing and baking. I want to try and make butter soon. I have the ingredients and now just need to find the time to whip it up. I wish to do it on a day when hot homemade bread will be coming out of the oven. Sooo yummy. :)
The weatherman is calling for more snow today and the clouds are so heavy and black that I am sure they will open up and dump a load on top of us.
Have a great day everyone, keep warm or cool where ever you may be. Remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. Men always think they are daredevils on machines like that. Love the tablerunners an your gift list must be getting smaller :0) Butter is so easy to make and does taste yummy on fresh bread. You must nearly
    Take care

  2. Those are really nice! And what a sense of accomplishment to be getting a jump start on Christmas gifts! Then, this summer when you want to be outdoors there won't be any pressure...most of your gifts will be made! Stay warm!


  3. Homemade butter with homemade bread--oh my!


  4. I'm intriqued with the junkyard concept. I'm going to read down further to see if you explain that. I'm a new follower.

  5. Beautiful! I finally have a sewing machine, so I'm gonna be trying out some of the projects you've shown on here!


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