Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Cleanup

Pin It The nice weather has prevented me from posting and I apologize to those who wondered where I have been.

The nice weather has melted all our snow, dried up the mud and we are now into spring cleanup.

Luke spent day chopping wood for our outdoor firepit. There are alot of evenings we sit in front of the fire enjoying the evening under the stars.
The weather has been perfect for cleaning up my flowerbeds, preparing the garden and cleaning up the yard. Each spring we still have scrap that makes it's way to the surface each year.
A few days ago, our scrapper Mike showed up and cleaned up quite a bit for us. He makes a dollar and we enjoy seeing the scrap leave the yard.
While Mike was picking the scrap, we discovered an old watering trough which I saved and plan on planting flowers in it. Luke also found an old steel milk can which I will paint and add a nice splash of color to the front yard with flowing petunias in it.
The days are becoming longer which gives us much opportunity to work outside. I love these days. Actually, the other day when Luke and Bob were on the four wheeler, they came across a deer having a baby. When I went back to take pictures for you, she was already gone.... I was so disappointed! I was hoping to share the miracle of birth with you.
I hope that each of you have a great day and remember to give your loved ones a hug! =)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just to Make You Smile

Pin It It's the a few pictures that my Mom sent me...just to make you smile.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Practical Sewing

Pin It I have been trying to improve my sewing skills lately. Not only to make things for myself and my family but also for Christmas gifts. Yesterday I successfully finished making a pair of flannel sleeping pants.

I used the fabric that Bev sent me a while back....cute little snowmen. I love snowmen!

They fit perfectly and were so easy to make.

Now I can get busy making many more for family and friends for Christmas. I have been really enjoying trying new things and seeing a piece of fabric being transformed into something that can be used and that is practical.

It has been raining all day...and the snow is beginning to disappear however we are left with a TON of mud! So since I cannot work outside just yet, it is another great day to pull out the machine and try something new.

Have a great day everyone and remember to give your loved ones a hug. =)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Apron Is Done!

Pin It I found a pattern that reminded me of my Grandma. She always wore aprons that I can remember.

Many times she would collect eggs from the chickens, bake the bread, and give us kids hugs and while she did all this, she wore the apron.

This apron reminds me of my Grandma. I wanted to make one for myself to wear in her memory. I never followed a tissue paper pattern before and I think I was quite successful. I will wear this in memory of her always. I will collect the garden produce and bake the bread... I will never be as good as my Grandma...but I am now trying. I was only seven when she passed, but I still remember her and her smell. I will always love her with all my heart.
Remember to give your loved ones a hug...we never know how long they will be in our presence.
Have a great day!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mudville U.S.A.

Pin It With the warm weather we are experiencing the high 30's and low 40's our property turns into Mudville U.S.A. I took the long walk up to the mailbox today and could not resist showing you what we have to deal with every spring when the snow begins to melt...and it has just started!

Coming up to the old farmhouse we have on the property.

We have had to begin wiping all the animals feet when they come in from outside.

Not fun!

The grass is beginning to show in some places....looks promising!

There is still much snow to melt so this will be a looooong process.

But when I begin to see grass, I get excited. I dream of flowers and gardening.

The only damage from this winter that I can see so far is this old shed that is located across the highway from us....apparently the roof didn't make it. No one lives on that land anymore but I think they do store some things in there.
We will evaluate all the buildings as the days go by and see what damage will have to be repaired before the next winter hits but I don't even want to think about more snow right now! I want to enjoy the changing of the seasons...which we really experience here and love so much.
No robins have been seen yet...but hopefully they will return soon and then we will know that Spring has officially arrived!
Have a great weekend everyone and remember to give your loved ones a hug! =)

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm Trying!

Pin It One of the skills I wanted to learn this year was to knit my own socks. How cool would it be to make all your own socks so you never had to buy any every again?!

Learning to knit with double pointed needles has been a challenge for me but I finally got the hang of it and am progressing quite nicely with the pattern I chose. Although it takes me about 15 minutes to make one round, I am learning!

What new skills have you been working on lately? I love learning from other people.
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