Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Practical Sewing

Pin It I have been trying to improve my sewing skills lately. Not only to make things for myself and my family but also for Christmas gifts. Yesterday I successfully finished making a pair of flannel sleeping pants.

I used the fabric that Bev sent me a while back....cute little snowmen. I love snowmen!

They fit perfectly and were so easy to make.

Now I can get busy making many more for family and friends for Christmas. I have been really enjoying trying new things and seeing a piece of fabric being transformed into something that can be used and that is practical.

It has been raining all day...and the snow is beginning to disappear however we are left with a TON of mud! So since I cannot work outside just yet, it is another great day to pull out the machine and try something new.

Have a great day everyone and remember to give your loved ones a hug. =)


  1. You are getting very professional with your sewing :0)

  2. The sewing machine is getting a real workout !!
    The pants look great Debbie :0)

  3. Your sewing machine is your friend! You do a great job!


  4. They look really great AND comfy too!
    Good Job!


  5. Love, love, love the pattern! The pants look so comfortable!!! Excellent work, Debbie!

  6. G'eve Debbie ~ You are getting a head start on Christmas. They are darling. Good for you.

    Sorry about missing you but the painting is done at home & still working on the other house ... a couple weeks of painting & decorating to go ... love it!
    Hugs, Marydon

  7. Hi Debbie,
    I'm new to your blog but so far I really like it. Last year I made PJ pants for most of the people on my Christmas list. Everyone enjoyed them. I included w/the pants short sleeve T-shirts to match, I didn't pay more then $3 per shirt. Good luck with all your sewing, it looks like you do beautiful work.

  8. Nice! That's exactly what I need to make for myself so thanks for the reminder.

    P.S. I really like your blue/brown blog colors!!

  9. just stumbled upon your blog here and have enjoyed the reading so far! love the pants, they look great! my hubby loves flannel jammies, so maybe i should give my sewing machine some work in trying these...although im good in only doing a straight line, barely! cheers!


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