Friday, May 25, 2012

Fiddling around on Friday

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The day was sunny and bright yesterday....just perfect so I thought I'd fiddle around my Mom's yard and get some things done.

She lives in a small town and I always joke with her that her yard is the size of a postage least it seems like that compared to our 20 acres!

She needed a new lawnmower so we had picked one up and I had the job of putting it together....

for those men who might be reading this.....NO, there was no oil or gas in the new mower yet!  LOL

I gathered some tools.....well what tools my Mom happened to have.  Luckily she had a vise grip and a pair of pliers!

Notice the phone is right there just in case I have to give hubby a quick call for an explanation!  LOL

Sir Humphrey, my Mom's cat laid back in the shade and I could have sworn I heard him chuckle a few times while watching me fight with the mower.

Done!  Now on to the next project....

My Mom has a real cool bike.  It is an electric bike.  It runs by battery and she can travel 35 mph with it!  It helps her to get around without a vehicle but as you can see she has worn out her bike seat!!!!

Well she picked up a brand new one at a yard sale last was still in the package for $3.00 and it was a Schwinn seat which is the brand of her bike!

Changing the seats was easy peasy compared to the lawnmower and in a matter of minutes, it was done.

It is a wide seat to accommodate her wide butt (according to her!) and it fits the bike perfectly.  

Pretty cool bike, isn't it?  Now where is that glass of iced tea?!

Remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. See, who needs a guy when you can do it yourself?! Pat on your shoulder!! Well done you!
    Wished more woman were more indipendent like that. Most wouldn't even try...
    (I do, my guy is gone the whole week, so I have to be very indipendent.)
    Have a good weekend and enjoy your iced tea!

  2. Thanks Bianca, yes you would have to be independent too with your hubby gone all week. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I'll bet your mom would like you to stay all summer.

    1. Oh yes, but I am hoping I don't have to!

  4. Super job there! I'm sure your Mom appreciates
    all that you do for her.
    Tha is a pretty cool bike too.

    Have a great weekend.


    1. Yes, she does appreciate all that I do but she does a lot for me too! I hope you have a great weekend as well Melinda.


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