Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday's Tips

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How many of you are superstitious?  Here are some tips to keep evil and doom away!

  • Rosemary planted by the doorstep will keep evil away....put salt on the doorstep of a new house and no evil can enter.

  • Stabbing needles through yarn balls will bring bad luck to anyone who wears something made from that yarn.

  • Stir bread away from you for good luck, trouble will come if you stir toward you.

  • When making the bed, don't interrupt your work or you will spend a restless night in it.
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  • Before a young girl makes her first load of bread, her hands should be rubbed in sugar so that she may always make good, sweet bread.

Remember to give your loved ones a hug!

adapted from tipnut.com


  1. I'm not superstitious, but it was fun to read your tips. They were all new to me!

    1. I'm not either Kristi but I thought they were funny. :o)


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