Monday, September 24, 2012

Neighbor Dave

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Neighbor Dave and his wife Liz live behind us.  Their back property borders a creek and on the other side of that creek is our back property line.  We call neighbor Dave, "ND".  Now ND is a long haul truck driver.  He runs the same route three times a week and each run is approximately 14 hours straight.  Since his run is mainly the overnight hours, he tends to have quite a bit of free time during the day each week.  They are not only great neighbors but great friends.

He stops by on his days off for morning coffee and likes to catch up on the gossip with my dear hubby.   The other day when the coffee and chatting was over, he invited hubby and I over to his place.  He had been having some problems with bears and needed hubby to give him a hand moving some feed.  ND and Liz feed deer year round ... except during hunting season as it is illegal to do so.  Neither of them hunt deer....they feed them for entertainment....and an expensive entertainment it is as the deer eat over 200 pounds of corn a week!

It was a beautiful sunny, fall morning so I grabbed my camera on the way out the door....I figured I might see something different that I would want to capture on film.  I love wandering around a new piece of land, you just never know what you might see!

Now their property was once an old farm.  

The barn and chicken coop has long been torn down but remnants the little milk house... and I had a grand time exploring while the men were busy.  

We have been there many times before but seeing the property through the lens was a different picture.

ND and Liz have a wonderful property.  Most of the trees were planted by them when they first purchased the land and their children were young.  

Towering pines, poplar, birch and even oak now are scattered throughout the fields along with wild plum, apple and crab-apple.

They have built themselves a wonderful property but best of all they built themselves a wonderful home.    

Remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. I can't imagine living out on the open land.. No blacktops and sirens ~ sounds so nice.
    Looks like an amazing property, I love all of the trees.
    Having nice neighbors is good.. having friends as neighbors is a gift!!!
    Have a great monday.

    1. Yes Leslie having friends as neighbors is a gift! I hope you are having a great evening. :0)

  2. Thanks for inviting us through your blog to explore a new piece of land! I, too, enjoy seeing different properties.

    1. I enjoy seeing different properties as well Kristi. There is always something that is different and I love different! LOL

  3. I love reading about where you live. It is so different to where I live and I am just an eensy weensy bit jealous! LOL
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

    1. Funny as I am jealous of where you live Cath! LOL

  4. I enjoyed taking the tour of your neighbor's property Debbie. Your pictures are just great!

    1. Thanks Sharon. I am glad you enjoyed the tour! :0)


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