Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Banner

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While perusing Pinterest the other evening ..... which can seriously take up a lot of my time!!!!  .....   I noticed all the lovely fall banners out there.  Well I just had to get in on that project!

There were quite a few that I adored .... so much talent, ideas and inspiration.  I love the look of burlap this year but unfortunately I didn't have any on hand.  I did though, have a couple of little pieces from another project long ago before burlap was popular so I set those aside.

I didn't follow a pattern of any type, I just cut out a template from a piece of cardboard of the approximate size that I thought would work well.

Finding a small amount of 'fall' type fabric in the stash, I used the cardboard template to cut out four triangles.  

Then using stencils, I cut out the letters F, A, and L from the burlap .... but then that started to fray .... what to do?

Taking some similar colored embroidery floss from my supply, I sewed the letters to the fabric triangles.    No more fraying!  

Now to put it all together .... to me the triangles still looked unfinished.  


Back to the craft cupboard.  Bias tape was the key.  Sewing the tape around each triangle and using it as the hanging strip for the whole project, I was done.

Hanging it in the window and adding my pumpkins and new nutcracker,  Halloween kitty my fall decorating was complete.  LOL 

It isn't much but since we never get any trick-or-treaters out here in the country, I don't decorate much for fall or Halloween.

Happy fall and remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. Very nice Debbie. I've made a few banner garlands but hadn't thought of doing seasonal ones. Is it too early in the day to get sewing?

    1. Thanks Sharon, it's never too early to sew! :0)

  2. How fun and just the right touch for that window

  3. I am crazy over bunting and I love this one!!!!! Gorgeous.

  4. Very cute, and how nice that you were able to make that with materials you had on hand!

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  6. Love the banner Debbie. You did a very good job.

  7. It looks so good close-up, just as good as it is from far away. Good work, Debbie! I'll come up with my own work as well, can't wait to try them out. This coming Fall is going to be awesome!


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