Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday's Blessings

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this week I was loved the .....

smell of :  fall in all its glory

sound of :  the clicking of my knitting needles

taste of :  homemade banana and almond bread

sight of :  Halloween costumes

feel of :  fluffy mittens

things I am thankful for this week .....

- my little, tiny amount of free time

-  my kitty who curls up with me under the quilt on a frosty evening

-  my corner on the sofa after a long day at work

Have a blessed Sunday and remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. Hello Debbie, I agree with you. I love the sound of clicking knitting needles. The smell of any home baking makes the home smell inviting, and without a doubt, sitting on the settee at the end of a long hard day, is just perfect. Have a lovely Sunday. Best Wishes Daphne

    1. Thanks Diane and have a Blessed Sunday!

  2. Hi Debbie, the kitten curling up with you must be so cozy! I enjoy also a quiet moment in the evening, with the knitting needles, that is a relaxing way to use the a free moment :)

    1. Oh yes, kitties are a must! LOL. Have a Blessed Sunday.


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