Monday, December 7, 2009


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My Mother was born in the Netherlands and the tradition is on December 6th of each year, Sinterklass would ride through the streets on a white horse with Black Peter at his side handing out candy to all the good boys and girls. If they were bad that year, then Black Peter would hand them a little bag of black coal.

We have always kept this tradition alive in our household and each evening my son Lucas would place his wooden shoes by the door in hopes that in the morning his shoes would be filled with candy.

When he was younger he would leave the horse a treat of carrots to make sure the horse had enough stamina to continue riding to each of the children. Now that he is older that part of tradition has gone by the wayside but he still looks forward to checking his wooden shoes the next morning.

This morning he awoke and found his shoes filled with his favorite candy..... Mike and Ike's Tropical flavor. As an extra special treat he even received a razor that he loves so much! He must have been extra good this year. =)

I am hoping that when Luke has children of his own, he continues the tradition. The Dutch believe that Christmas Day should be reserved for the holy aspect of Christmas thus the reason for Sinterklass to visit on December 6th.

Don't you just love traditions?


  1. Oh! A fellow dutch girl! I'm dutch as well- and love all of these traditions. I don't do the shoes though... I really should. Brings back so many memories!
    The Girl in the Pink Dress

  2. I do love traditions! My grandfather was from Denmark and they had similar traditions. I love to read about the traditions of other families! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Absolutely love traditions! My husband has passed on a tradition his dad played for him. It's called the Stretch Game. Each grandchild may open one present on Christmas Eve. The catch? They must stretch for it! (While Grandpa holds their ankles and slowly pulls them back right before they reach the present.) The kids love it and eventually get their gift.



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