Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fabric and Penny Rug

Pin It I have made some wonderful friends on the web. People I have never met in person but I know that if I did, we would sit around for hours, drinking tea or a glass of wine and have a great time.

One of these friends is Bev who lives in Spokane Washington. I have been making here some crocheted flowers that she wants to make into a quilt on day. They have been fun and different to make and our agreement was if I made them for her she would send me some snowmen fabric. I LOVE snowmen so to me it was a great deal.

The last few days we have been experiencing a blizzard with a lot of snow. Yesterday when we were clearing the driveway and parking lot, I decided to talk the long walk up to check the mail and I am so glad I did! The mailbox was empty and full of snow as the snowplow must have hit it when it went by. I happened to glance to my right and I noticed a green box buried halfway into the snowbank so I thought I would check it out and toss the garage into the bin. Well, it was a parcel addressed to me!

When I opened it, Bev had surprised me with this wonderful Valentine fabric!

She sent me three yards of each and I was so excited!!!

I was jumping up and down (while Bob and Luke thought I was crazy).

I envision many wonderful projects that I can make with this fun fabric. Thank you Bev so much!!! I just love the choices you sent. I have been enjoying myself just playing with it and figuring out what to make first. You are the best!

I have also been working on my first penny rug. It is a Christmas theme and I have made a few mistakes along the way but it is beginning to come together nicely. I still have all the stitching to do around the sides and the wool pieces but I like how it is looking. This will be placed in my Christmas box as a gift for someone this year.
What have you been doing to pass the time away this long winter? I love hearing what everyone else is making.....it gives me even more ideas! =)
Have a great day and don't forget to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. Awesome fabric, Debbie! What a great friend! :)

  2. Cute fabric and rug--Never heard of a Penny Rug. I'll have to check this out more.

    Stay warm and cozy!


  3. You have been so busy ! And really getting things together for this Christmas,good on you !!
    Im looking forward to Winter..Autumn even :0)
    Most days its just too hot to be out in the blazing sun.
    Getting parcels in the mail is one of favorite things :0)

  4. What a fun treat! Where did you find the info for a "penny rug"? Its a cute one you've made, no mistakes to seen! Great job!


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