Monday, January 25, 2010

In The Frame

Pin It Last fall, Bob and I hit a garage sale that was about a mile from us at an old farm. The little old lady and little old man that were hosting the garage sale had it set up in a big pole barn. The pole barn was packed to the rafters with goodies!

We must have been there for at least an hour, walking through the aisles and aisles of treasures that they had laid out. Records, old magazines, china, radios from at least the 1920's, everything you could think of was there. I LOVED that sale!

Off to the side, I noticed a long box and when I looked closer, the box was labelled 'quilt frame'. I was so excited!

I took the box up to the counter and asked the owner if all the pieces were there and she guaranteed that they were. She asked if I quilted and I told her that I wanted to start this winter. She was so happy that it was going to someone who was going to enjoy it as she did. Her husband had bought her a new one and no longer needed the one I was purchasing.

After a few hours of trying to put it together the other day, I was finally able to attach my quilt top and get busy. I was surprised when I unloaded the box, the instructions were still in the bottom intact and easy to read. The one brace had splintered from age but an angle bracket was added and it worked wonderfully. Now I am happily quilting away, thinking about how many hours this little old lady worked like I am. Did she make a quilt for her children? Her grandchildren? What did she think about while sewing those pieces of fabric together?

Whatever she was thinking, whoever she was making the quilt for, I am excited to stitch away on my quilt that is attached to a piece of history. Who says 'new' is better? I don't! I wouldn't trade my quilt frame for a new one any day!

Have a great evening and don't forget to give your loved ones a hug! =)


  1. I had never even heard of a quilt frame until reading this post! You learn something new every day!

  2. Cool frame--great help when bending over or sitting down to quilt. Lucky find for you!
    Your quilt is looking great!


  3. Thats exactly what I was wondering, what was it used to make before you?! You know what... I bet that lady would get a big kick out of you stopping by & just saying Thank you again. I'm putting it to use right now! I envy the history you have...mine is a plastic floor frame...but, it WORKS!

  4. How cool! And I wish you had called me about that sale...I'd have driven the hundreds of miles for that one!!! LOL...have fun quilting on your frame during the cold winter months. Just the thought of using your quilt someday will keep you warm.



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