Monday, December 3, 2012

December ..... the planning and holiday month

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Where oh where did November go?  Time slips through my fingers oh so very quickly.  Soon the holidays will be upon us.  I need to sit down and write out a plan ...... soon!  My baking, shopping, decorating plan.  My writing the Christmas card plan, mailing parcel plan, my picking up Lucas and my Mom for the holidays plan.

This holiday season will be a little different.  Lucas has decided to stay with Sarah this Christmas.  Sarah is unable to cross the U.S. border and through customs due to her nationality and her Chinese passport.  We did not realize the paperwork involved for her just to enter the United States for a visit.  Oh me, oh my.  What a disappointment for us all.  My son Lucas has taken the caring/loving/protector role and will visit with us for a week soon and then return to her and they will spend the remainder of the Christmas break together in their little apartment.

When I drive Lucas back, I have plans of a small artificial Christmas tree finding its way into the trunk of my car along with the gifts that they will open on the 25th.  I made Lucas promise that they will at least pick up a  rotisserie chicken from the supermarket on the evening of the 24th and enjoy that with some potatoes.  He promised.  It saddens my heart to think of these two young adults spending the Blessed holiday alone .... but they are together and together they are making their own memories.
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Again, time slips through my fingers oh so very quickly.  I remember when Lucas was only a year old...celebrating his first Christmas.  Soon Bob and I will be in rocking chairs on the porch watching grandchildren running through the yard..  That, however. will come all in good time.

For now I reminisce of Decembers past while I sit at the kitchen table with a hot bowl of cabbage and ham soup, catching up on some reading and admiring the pine cones I gathered during my morning walk.  After I am done lunch, I will quickly wash up the dishes and get started on some projects that need to be attended to now that it is December.  With the snow beginning to fall softly outside my windows, maybe some Christmas cookies are in order this afternoon.  How are your plans for December coming along?  Are some of your traditions being adjusted as children grow and family members change their plans or will your holidays look like holidays past?

December is upon us.  The holidays are here.  Enjoy each day as it unfolds as soon these days will be only memories.  Remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. Beautiful picture of an old red barn! It certainly has seen its better days!

    1. Oh yes it has Suzan but it's still standing! LOL

  2. It seems the older you get, the more you need to conform to other's plans for the holidays. This year we will celebrate Christmas on the 22nd due to one member of the extended family who has to work (in the health provider field) on Christmas Day. But, being retired, we are very flexible. I love your new barn banner, Debbie. Did you take the picture?

    1. So true Sharon. It's nice that you can be so flexible. Yes, I did take the is our barn, thanks!

  3. How sad that Lucas and his gf will not be able to spend time with you this year. I am sure that your efforts will make their time together special.



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