Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Dough

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Between hubby and I we only have 3 nieces and nephews .... on hubby's side, one niece (who has a son and daughter of her own so a great niece and a great nephew for us as well) and on my side of the family, two nephews.

Hubby's niece always gets something homemade by me for Christmas.  She is close to my age and we are very casual in gift giving.  She usually asks for a knitted hat, a knitted cowl, homemade jam/jelly or a crocheted afghan which I am more than happy to make for her and her husband.   Her son and daughter and  my brother's two boys are always given cash now that they are older.  Years ago we limited the gifts to $20 so it would be a burden for any of us and it has worked well for many years  BUT  I try to find clever ways in giving the $20 so the gift is a little bit different each year.  I have wrapped the bill in toilet paper rolls so the gift looks like a holiday cracker, I have placed the bill in a small box, which was then placed in a larger box, and then another larger box .... etc until there was one big honking box, I have put the bill in an old CD case to try and fool them ... so each year, I spend more time devising a plan on how to wrap the $20 than I do earning the $20!!!

Well this year, I found a fun and easy way to give them their $20.  I spotted this idea pinned to a friends board on Pinterest and knew I just had to do it!!!

Saving my one dollar bills was actually easier than I thought it was going to be and I didn't even notice the money missing from my budget which was a bonus!

Once I had gathered enough dollar bills, I rolled each bill and tied them individually with a festive ribbon.  Next I typed up the little saying on my computer and finding a clip art gingerbread man on Google images, I printed everything out.  Sorry, for some reason the red candy cane border will not show up around the saying .... ugh, computers!

Gingerbread men with yummy icing,
Are oh so good and extremely enticing
I set out to make a dozen or two,
But ran out of time, oh what do I do?

So instead of the cookies, I tied with a bow,
Your own personal serving of Holiday Dough!

Merry Christmas!!

I filled each Ziploc baggie with 20 - $1 bills, sealed the baggies and stapled the saying and the gingerbread man on each baggie.

I think they turned out ADORABLE and the baggie sure looks like it is holding more than $20!

Now only if a secret Santa would do the same for me but use $100 bills.  Remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. Very Clever! At a yard sale this summer I purchased two little soft cover "Far Side" books ... cheap. Used the $20 bill as a bookmark reaching from one book to the other for my grandson. Wrapped it up and put it under the tree. He just got home for leave from Ft. Hood yesterday. We get to have him back in the family for 8 days before he goes back.

    1. Oh Sharon, that is a clever idea as well! I hope you enjoy your 8 days with him and remember to give him a ton of hugs!

  2. Super cute! Love it!


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    1. Thanks Patricia and I am so glad you stopped by!

  4. What a lovely idea Debbie! I' use this for a soon arriving birthday!

  5. Thank you for stopping in and sharing your yummy recipe with our readers at Bowdabra's Crafty Showcase. We love seeing your projects each week. Stop in and see which blogs are featured on Friday and to link up more of your goodies on Sat-Thur.

    Happy New Year,
    Susie @Bowdabra

  6. Hi, I saw you featured on Freedom Fridays. Love this cute idea! Now following. Have a wonderful New Year!

  7. Very clever! :)
    Thank you for linking up with the Clever Chicks this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  8. Just sprinkled this post at all my favorite places: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!!!

    Thank you for sharing at Freedom Fridays Blog Hop and thank you for being one of my Five Faves!!

    Have a Very Happy New Year!

    PS Drop by today for "Lets Get Social Sunday" and link up you blog home page and all your social sites to make new friends and followers!! Hope to see you there!


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