Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

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Good morning my friends.  Grab a cup of tea or coffee, it is time for "chats on the farmhouse porch".

Everyday Ruralty


1.  What was your favorite game as a child?

2.  Have you ever had your own business?  (home business, a shop, ETSY, lemon-aid stand, etc)

3.  How's your spelling?

4.  How are you about going to the dentist?

5.  Do you enjoy board games?


1.  I would have to say my favorite game as a child was "Easy, Easy, I Over".  It was a game that consisted of throwing a tennis ball over the roof of our two story home to a friend on the other side.  I usually won! 

2.  Yes, I use to sell crafts at Christmas time at a Christmas store.  I have also sold at various craft shows.

3.  My spelling is atrocious.  I had to look up atrocious FYI.  LOL

4.  I don't mind going to the dentist now that they have that q-tip swab to freeze the gums before giving the needle. I still HATE the smell of a dentist office though.

5.  Yes, I love board games but hardly seem to have enough time to play them.

Thanks Patrice for allowing me to sit and chat with you again this week.  I hope everyone has a lovely day and remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. HAHA. Love that...I wouldn't have known how to spell atrocious without looking it up either.

  2. yeah most of the time I have to look up the word or change the sentence to fit. Now I got a couple keys on the keyboard that don't work and you would be astounded how many times you need the a certain letter that is the last letter of the alphabet ;)

  3. I used to enjoy craft shows. I made good spending money there. You spelled atrocious, so you can't be too bad. :)

  4. Ooooo you have a different set of questions. This is fun! I like your answers, and I've got to go to the dentist next week. ):

    Linking from Everyday Ruralty,
    Ricki Jill

  5. I'm right with you when it comes to spelling. Spell check is my friend! I'm visiting from Everyday Ruralty. Have a great week.


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