Monday, June 25, 2012

Did You Guess Right?

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Well, it is Monday...did you guess right on Friday?  One person did!  I showed you this picture....

Okay, so yes, I am still plucking away at my Mom's back patio.  It keeps me busy and I am enjoying fiddling around with such a small property.  

Last week we decided to add ambiance.  Lit ambiance that is.  

She has no outdoor lighting at the back so when enjoying the cool breeze after the sun sets and the humidity has been at 100 all day, it is the perfect spot to sit except we have no light.  

Do you know how difficult it is to sit in the pitch black and try and carry on a conversation with someone who is sitting right across the table from you but you can't see them?

So wanting to keep costs down, as I always like to do, I came across this idea from Diane at In My Own Style.  I thought a few of these lanterns would be perfect.  I have had my eye out for broom handles/shovel handles and glass hurricanes or vases that would work for this project when we have been out to yard sales and rummage sales.  

There never has been a shortage of old wooden broom handles that I know of except when you need them!  I do remember where I have some stashed at home and will definitely be making these once I am back on the old homestead.

First you need to gather the supplies.  An old broom handle, a cleaned out tuna can (I used a cleaned out cat food tin can...there is no shortage of those around here with my Mom's two cats!), a hurricane style glass vase/bowl, spray paint in a color of your choice ( I used the cheapest I could find), a screw and a connector.  Diane used a copper connector but I found a cheaper alternative...a plastic one!  I hope it works just as well.

I needed to pre-drill a hole at the top of the broom handle but unfortunately my Mom's battery powered drill was not charged so I did it the old fashioned way....just screwed the screw in once I had punched a hole through the bottom of the tin can with a nail...Diane used an awl but I wasn't that fancy.  

Screwing the adapter onto the male part of the broom handle, I then screwed the tin can to the top of the broom handle.  The plastic adapter worked well!  Woo hoo ... that is a difference of about $3.50 for a copper adapter compared to $1.50 for a plastic one.

Do you see how it is coming together now?

Next came the spray paint......I stuck with trusty old matches my Mom's bistro set anyway.  You could use any color you wished or you could even make the broom handle a different color from the vase/bowl holder....that would be a neat idea too.

Once dried, carefully place the hurricane vase/bowl in the cat food tin can, add a lit candle and we have instant light!

Now off to make 5 more.  

Remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. Those are really pretty! They are a very frugal way to acquire outdoor lighting without breaking the budget. Cool!

    1. Thanks Becky, yes they sure don't break the bank! LOL

  2. So dang cute and clever!!!! I hate sitting outside in the dark.. but you can't turn the lights on around here because there are so many bugs .. beetles and stink bugs will chase you inside quick!!

    1. Thanks Leslie, yes that definitely happens here too! The bugs seem to be at an all time high this year ...unfortunately!

  3. That turned out clever girl, you!

  4. Really cute, I like how it turned out! I thought you were using the tape to paint "etching" on the vase. Hmm I would be afraid to use the glass here with the little ones...I wonder if I could do the same thing and use a can for the "vase"? Like a taller pineapple can? It wouldn't give as much light.....have to think about this one

    1. A taller can would work...just use a taller candle with it instead of a votive. Thanks Katie!

  5. WOW! Great idea! Would have never thought about this. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Fabulous DIY lamp -- genius!

    Thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays this week. xoxo


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