Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Revamped Storage

Pin It Since you all know that my Mom and I LOVE cruising yard sales and garage sales, you can just imagine the items we grab but also pass up due to space limitations!

If only I had a place to store and put everything that I see at sales that I would love to bring home....but I don't have that amount of space.....AND trying to live more simply should mean living with less stuff!

I try to be extremely selective in my yard sale buys these days.  I scour them looking for only those items that are on my Mom does the same

not needing a little shelving unit (because she had one in her kitchen close to the side door) I spotted a cute little table that I thought would be perfect in that spot.  Now the shelving unit she was using had seen better days so we grabbed it up for $3.00.

The previous owners were quite creative in their paint selection!

My Mom's kitchen is a soft yellow on the top half and wainscoting on the bottom half.  Having some of the soft yellow paint left, we decided to give the little shelving unit a quick sanding and apply a couple of layers of yellow.

We both think it turned out quite cute and the side 'pockets' (which I think were originally used for magazines) nicely holds her wooden cutting board on one side and her umbrella (since it is close to the door) on the other side.

Now as mentioned earlier, she didn't need this little unit but it nicely replaced the one she had, it is solid wood whereas the other one was pressboard/chipboard so I think it was a smart buy.

Remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. As usual deb-I love it and you did a great job.

  2. Very cute replacement item and now you have something to sell in your garage sale!

  3. Sounds like you made a wise purchase. It's OK to invest in not-quite-needs sometimes. I love the new paint job!

  4. I agree with Kristi--sometimes you can't pass up on a
    good bargain and you put it use right away intead of storing it for another time.

    Looks great!


    1. I think you are both right..thanks Melinda!

  5. Very cute indeed! And what fun you two had togehter finding it and then painting it up.

  6. Nice, DebC! Can you come decorate my house?


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