Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Surprise

Pin It I was working my butt off yesterday at work.....there was a HUGE Father's Day sale on and the customers were lined up 10 - 15 people deep and then it happened.

A young lady approached my counter and handed me the BIGGEST bouquet of flowers I had ever seen and they held my favorite....yellow roses.  

Flustered and surprised, all my customers broke out into a loud applause and were amused by my red face and embarrassment.  

They were from Bob.  The tears started and I was so happy at the thought.  It wasn't that he forgot...he was on the telephone first thing in the morning wishing me a Happy Anniversary but it was the work and the planning that it took for the delivery of the flowers (in another country!) to happen at the exact moment I was working.

Thank you honey.  They are beautiful.  I love them and I love you.

Remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. Made my eyes leak ;]

    Just beautiful!


  2. Waterworks here! How thoughtful! Enjoy the flowers deb.

  3. Happy for You! Its those "moments in time" that you will remember forever.

  4. Happy Anniversary and thanks for sharing your very lovely story. What a sweetheart you have there--he's a keeper!

  5. Oh, that would make the knees weak of every woman!! How great is he!? That's a keeper, for sure.
    That are the moments that you will remember forever.

    1. Thanks Bianca! I think so too. :o)


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