Monday, January 14, 2013

Vanessa's Sunday Activity Tag

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Yesterday I was tagged by Vanessa over at House in the Sand for a "Sunday's Activity Tag".  She wanted to know what I did to pass my time on Sunday.

Seeing that yesterday was very relaxing, it was pretty boring but this is what I did to pass the time away .....

first up, I started some laundry,

then did some paperwork for work,

then took care of dishes,

spent some time catching up my reading,

cut squares for the next quilt I want to make,

played on the computer,

worked on the afghan that is taking me FOREVER to finish,

and played some more on the computer!

I also talked to Lucas and my Mom on the telephone.  Our weekly catch up time. I then made dinner, cleaned up dishes and headed to bed where I read for the rest of the evening alternating with playing on the computer.  

A PERFECT Sunday!!!  

So now I am going to tag the next seven blogs that I enjoy reading .... there are soooo many!!!  But unlike other tags I don't want you to answer questions.  I want you to post about your Sunday:

Just take pictures of whatever you might have done, even if you think it's totally boring.  

There are not many rules for this tag:
- mention who tagged you
- tag at least 7 more people and let them know
- and post what you did last Sunday!

- Katie at Katidids

- Phoebe at Phoebe's World

- Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose

-  Kristi at Thankful Me

and anyone else who has a blog that would love to join us!  Just leave a comment in the comment section and I will love to stop by and read what you did on your Sunday.

I hope you all take part and remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. Thank you for posting this today, when yesterday is still fresh in my brain! :-)

    The last time I played blog tag, though, I found that not everyone wanted to play. I'll probably end up linking to 7 blogs I enjoy reading, but making a general invitation (like you did) to participate.

  2. My day was so boring. I wouldn't want to make anyone cry! But Sunday's are just meant to be that way, right? LOVE them.

  3. Normally I'm up to a linky-post, but yesterday wasn't particular fun for me. So sorry, but gonna skip this one. See you had a nice sunday though. Curious on your next quilt.

  4. Your day sound like mine. Laundry, dishes, reading, computer, a bit of TV, pillow making, and scrapbooking.


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