Sunday, April 1, 2012

Surfing Leads to Success!

Pin It I love food ..... and I have the hips to prove it.  I especially love food since I stopped smoking on January 1st of this year.  Everything tastes better .... my taste buds have come back to life so I am enjoying lots of new-found flavors and savoring the old ones!

These last few days have been dreary and rainy which encourages surfing the web.  While surfing, I found this.  Well bread is my downfall, especially homemade bread.  I have tried making bread from scratch with my own two hands and have been somewhat successful .....  (now I just use my bread machine so I will be 100% successful) .... but I was drawn to this recipe ..... by gosh Country Momma called them Easy Yeast Rolls so they had to be easy right?

After digging out all the ingredients, as you notice there aren't many of them, my darling husband starting drooling with the thought of fresh, homemade rolls to have with dinner. 

Setting up the kitchen counter top for my millionth attempt at making homemade dinner rolls the old fashioned way, I was surprised to watch as the yeast actually did start to foam like Country Momma said it would!

This might be good .... excitement was beginning to build and I was anxious to keep at it, following the instructions exactly as to not make any mistakes.

After carefully adding all the ingredients and mixing well ..... unfortunately I do not have a Kitchen Aid mixer, I just use a wooden spoon and lots of muscle ..... I kneaded the dough until smooth, covered it in oil and let it sit to rise for the hour.

The dough rose so nicely!  Just perfect.  I was so excited but other attempts looked just as good at this stage so I tried not to get too hyped up.  I knew it was the taste that mattered when pulled hot out of the oven.

I shaped the dough into twelve small buns and divided them between my 'new to me' muffin tray and my snowman pie plate.  Now I know winter is over but my regular pie plate was being used for Shepard's Pie at the time.  LOL

The dough seemed to rise faster the second time.  I don't think it took any longer than 30 minutes to be double in size.  Pre-warming the oven, my taste buds started to jump anticipating yummy dinner rolls.

It was very difficult to let the rolls cool enough before we could sink our teeth into them .... yes, they were VERY easy to make but best of all ....

they were the BEST dinner rolls I have ever made!!!!  I HIGHLY recommend this recipe!  Just perfect with some homemade dandelion jelly.  Don't worry, this isn't an April Fools joke, they really are easy and delicious!  LOL

Remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. Your rolls look perfect and I LOVE your heart-shaped muffin pan! :)

  2. Thanks Candy! Thanks for stopping by!


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