Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday's Tip

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This might not be a household tip .... but I think a great tip nonetheless! 

If you have to ride in an elevator and are in a big rush ... I wouldn't do this all the time but if I needed to get the correct floor in a hospital to see a loved one, then, YES I would use the trick.  Make sure you are in the elevator alone (unless you are with friends or family) when you try this ..... or you might get some funny looks!  LOL


1.  Hold 'close door' button until the door closes and keep holding.

2.  Select floor and do not let go of number and close door button until the elevator moves.

3.  This will allow you to go straight to that floor without stops .... even if someone has pushed the button on a floor and are waiting.

*This is used by the police to get to the floors quicker.

* Works on every elevator.

Remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. Farm Boy and I learned this when we used to have elevator races when our baby girl had heart surgery.

    We had several 'Hospital Games' to amuse ourselves and try to hang on to some sanity. We bad!!! Heeehehehe!!!

    God bless ya and have yourself a magnificent day sweetie!!! :o)

    1. Oh Nezzy, that is so cool! I am glad you kept your sanity and I hope your baby girl is doing well. Have a great day yourself!


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