Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday's Tip

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Every morning I go for a three mile hike.  It is my daily routine.  If I have to miss it for some reason, I feel out of sorts all day. Walking is beneficial is so many ways .... it helps relieve stress, clears the mind, gets the heart pumping and whittles away the waistline.

The biggest problem I was having during my morning walks was my shoelaces on my sneakers always coming undone.  I would have to stop, bend down, tie them again and then try and find the momentum I had before the laces decided to misbehave.  It was annoying!

One misty morning, I didn't have that problem.  The ground was saturated from the rain we had during the night so my sneakers were also getting damp while I trucked along on my regular trail.

Then it hit me......

If your shoelaces are always coming undone, dampen with a spray of water before tying.

My shoelaces had not come undone once during that walk and it was because the shoelaces were damp.  

So every morning before I head out, I give mine a quick spray with water (from my plant mister) and away I go.  My momentum now stays true and strong .... unless of course I run into a skunk. LOL

Remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. Hi Debbie had to laugh re the skunk. Glad we don't have those Down Under ;]

  2. I love walking and hiking as well. This is a very good idea! Thanks!


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