Friday, September 11, 2009


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Yesterday was one of those perfect autumn days. Bob worked in the shop all day on a customer's vehicle, Luke gave him a hand and I sat and crocheted while watching them work. Around 5pm Bob locked up the shop and said... "Let's go wheeling!" Yippee!

First, we took a ride around the property and the guys just had to try out the swap pit! Luke managed to get himself stuck in the cattails and tall grass.

After some struggling and standing ankle deep in swamp muck, he was able to pry himself loose and we took off once again.

There are beautiful state trails around our area so after visiting with a friend close by (I will post pictures later of her beautiful fruit trees) we headed for the trails. In order to get to the trails, there is one little hill that needs to be conquered first! I walked down that hill!!!

It's not much fun riding on the back of a wheeler with Bob when you are climbing down a hill over rocks that big and trying to dodge ruts! Luke also walked down part of the hill as he had never been on this trail before so he was a little nervous.

We did some sightseeing and enjoyed the wildlife.
Crossed bridges and took lots of pictures.

As the sun was setting, we headed for home. Didn't feel like attempting to go up that big hill again so we took a different route past a gravel pit and through a field of wildflowers. I tried to take a picture of the wildflowers but it turned out blurry as Bob had the wheeler going at top speed!
I am glad we headed out. There won't be too many more nice days such as that one and it was a fun, family time. When we finally reached home, each one of us fell into bed exhausted from riding for a few hours.


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! How great that you live in an area that has such wide open spaces!

  2. Fun!! I love the area you live in! Maybe I need to get out of Minnesota City life and go someplace more relaxed!


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