Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lovely Day!

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Perfect temperatures today. Low 70's, sunshine, cool breezes, the smell of autumn in the air. I couldn't ask for anything better. When someone slows down, escapes the rat race and can enjoy the very essence of what is good on our Earth....there is nothing better.

Bob took the day off work today so he could take Pasie to see the doctor for his routine appointment. All is well and we are happy. The rest of the day we sat in the sun enjoying the birds singing and the crickets chirping while visiting with company. When I first met Bob, it was difficult getting use to the amount of company that would stop by on a regular basis. Each day we have at least 8 people, stopping in for coffee, for some advice on automotive repair or just to shoot the breeze.

I did wash laundry and hung them on the clothesline. There is nothing better than clothes that are air dried by the sunshine and fresh air. It is very economical too which helps us to become more self-sufficient and not relying on the electrical company.

This is our goal for our retirement. We do not want to have to depend on big corporations to make our lives happier or easier. We are currently debt free and plan on staying that way. Yep, no mortgage, no car payments, no credit cards. Everything is paid with cash and if we don't have the cash then we don't purchase the item.

Being debt free wasn't an easy process. It took time and planning....but I will never go back.

Dinner will be a simple meal of boiled sausage, scalloped potatoes from the garden, fresh salad from the garden and green beans...also from the garden. I love gardens! It helps so much with the pocketbook in the summertime.

This evening I will spend making dishcloths for the upcoming craft fair in December that I plan on entering. I have currently 10 made and would like to have about 25 for stock to do some more knitting before I have to begin cooking.

I hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful day and give your loved ones a hug! :)


  1. Sounds like a beautiful day! I can't wait to hear about the craft sale!

  2. Nice site, good job !
    I want to hear about your craft sale also :)


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