Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lazy Sunday ..... and memories.

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Yep, a lazy Sunday. The temperatures today was in the low 80's which is very un-usual for Northern Minnesota. These warm temps lull me to sitt in the shade, crochet or knitt while sipping on an iced tea, which is exactly what I did. While I was sitting there, enjoying the clouds roll by, I began thinking of my Mom who lives in Canada and whom I miss very much some days.

My Mom is of the Dutch heritage. She came from the Netherlands when she was five years old with her Mother, Father and six brothers and sisters. They arrived (I believe) in Montreal on a ship which took a week to cross the Atlantic. They arrived in Canada right after WWII.

When Luke was a year old, we had the opportunity to fly to the Netherlands (Holland) and visit my Mother's one brother who had recently married and moved back there. It was alot of fun seeing the home where my Mother grew up, the town where she was pushed in a stroller by my Grandmother and hearing the native tongue which I grew up with.... (my Mother and Auntie always talked Dutch to each other so us children wouldn't understand what they were saying!). It was the first time my Mother was back to her homeland since she had left.

Yes, it really does look like this in the Netherlands!

Schiphol airport.

We had a wonderful trip and of course it included ALOT of shopping!

I had already been collecting the delft blue for quite a few years before we even went on the trip but my collection grew while we were there.
I keep my collection in our china cabinet.

This spice rack was my Grandmother's and I cherish it.

Everytime I see them sitting there, I remember our special trip together. It is a memory that I hold dear to my heart.
Someday I plan on going back.


  1. Very nice! My grandfather was from Denmark and I often think how great it would be to go there.

  2. Can I go with you!? I've always wanted to go there.

  3. Sure Lisa! We should make a party out of the trip. :)

  4. Debbie - what beautiful words - mahalo for sharing your family with us. I got chicken skin reading about your trip to the Netherlands!! MM


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