Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The "Other" Part of the Family

Pin It Pets. Such a small word that brings such joy and happiness to our lives. Besides our ducks which I wrote about a few days ago, we have been blessed to have two cats and one dog....one big dog. Bob had Sampson the Rottie before I met him ...and yes he did have a sister Delilah but she died quite young from complications due to a surgery.

When I first met Sammy, I was scared to death! A Rottweiller! I don't think so. He looked so mean and you always hear horror stories but he turned out to be the biggest baby there is.


Sammy is such a sweetie and loves little kids but if you think he is the alpha in the house..... you are dead wrong! This is the alpha....

TIGGER! Tigger is the alpha of the house. He takes Sammy's food, sleeps in Sammy's bed and once in a while will swat him in the nose.

I had the cats before I met Bob and I brought them with me of course. They fit in well in the household and love having all the land to run around in and catch mice.

Tigger watching the ducklings swim.

The last but not least important pet in the family is Teasa. She is the baby and is about 5 years old. I called her Teasa because she looked like a little wet tea bag when she was a baby.

She has the biggest eyes!

Teasa isn't afraid of Sammy either. I believe she thinks that Sammy is her protector and kisses Sammy daily.

Tigger and Teasa often sleep together.

And sit on the front steps keeping watch.

Sammy on the other hand, loves kissing the wildlife in the yard.....

and playing with his stuffed bear.

These three can be a pain to live with but we definitely wouldn't know what to do without them!


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  1. Thanks for sharing your babies with us! I miss having a dog SO much! Pets definitely add to a family. Unconditional love.


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