Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Frost, Finishing Projects and Fruit

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Last night my dearest Bob (hear the sarcasm?) left the bedroom window open. Well at about 5am, it was so cold in the room I thought the sheets were frozen to the bed frame! Talk about shock!

I could not muster up enough guts to crawl out of bed and close the window, so I laid there and froze instead! We had a very heavy frost and since I can look out over the yard from my bed, it looked like a layer of snow on the grass. I wish I could have taken a picture for you but the camera was in the living room and like I said, I just couldn't move from my frozen state.

Once Bob crawled out of bed, I told him to toss me my bathrobe so I could wrap up in it as soon as the comforter came off. Walking into the living room was like walking into an oven. What a temperature difference!

This morning, I had to grab a few groceries and visit my local Goodwill Store (on Wednesdays, the new stock is out). Once the errands were finished, I put away the groceries, threw dinner in the crockpot and headed up to the garage with my bag of knitting.

I had finished up a baby blanket for the craft fair last night so I wanted to start on a shawl that will be given to Pasie for Christmas.

The finished baby blanket.

While watching Bob fixing our four-wheeler and knitting away on Pasie's shawl, I remembered the offer from our neighbor down the road, Kathy who had the wonderful pear, apple and crab apple trees. She insisted I come and pick to my heart's content as she is a widow and will never eat them all herself.

I grabbed a few bags, a water bottle and headed over to Kathy's (Luke decided to join me as he loves her crab apples) and it took us all of about 15 minutes to fill three bags full. I will definitely have to go back and get more before they rot. I would like to make some jelly, freeze some for pies and dehydrate some for snacking.

The pears! The taste is a cross between an apple and a pear. Yummy!

Crab apples! They are just the right amount of tartness.

The apples. Large, juicy and delicious! I already made a single serving of apple crisp this evening for myself!

An abundance. They won't last long around here though!
I don't have to worry about what I will be doing tomorrow. Preserving these will be top priority but first I need to finish my apple crisp and make sure the bedroom window is closed tight tonight!
Have to add that meagan over at is offering a great giveaway. A stainless steel Siggy water bottle! Check out her site. She is a very eco-friendly Mom, making a difference.
Have a great evening everyone! Give your loved ones a hug. :)


  1. Yum and the Blanket is just beautiful!

  2. Sounds like you got your work cut out for you, but the end result will be well worth it!
    The blanket is beautiful, maybe you should take it to bed with you tonight! LOL

  3. The blanket is beautiful! I have a quilt that I want to make for my sister-in-law, who is expecting, but I never seem to get going on it. I need to get working on it...I think you've inspired me!


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