Sunday, September 6, 2009


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We inherited many outbuildings when we bought this property. There is an old farmhouse...

which we cannot use except for storage as it is literally falling apart. There is also the barn which I posted a picture a few posts ago. Also the old white shed which is on the side of my blog.... I love that picture the best. There is also the shop where Bob works....

Then we have what we call... 'the little house'. It was where Bob lived before we were married. Right now a friend of ours is staying there until October.

Then we have the storage trailer....which, like the old farmhouse, is packed to the rafters with extra furniture, books and extra stuff!
It is ugly but it holds alot! We didn't pay a cent for the storage trailer but we did have to pay a few bucks to have it moved to our property. I don't know what we would do without it.

We also have the garden shed. I love this little shed and my plans are moving it 500 feet back to where our new house stands so I can use it as a real garden shed. It is a little crooked but would hold alot of extra seeds, black dirt, gardening tools and the garden tiller. I have big plans for this shed. I love the idea of being able to start my plants from seed and placing them in pots which will all be done in this shed. I want it painted a cute color and have little door on it....maybe with a wreath hanging on the outside. To me it is the perfect space for my creativity in growing flowers, veggies and getting my hands dirty.

It doesn't look like much now but when I get done with it it will be perfect!


  1. Love your gardening shed picture!! And you're right - it will be perfect for your creativity!! MM

  2. Very cool! I like how every building has a special purpose. I can't wait to see what you do with the shed.

  3. Wow so many buildings with so much potential. A beautiful property.
    Patricia in North Queensland Australia


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