Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some Preparing for Winter and Planning for Hunting Season

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EEEK!! I saw this today!

See that little tiny tree in the middle of the picture? Do you see the colors of the leaves!!! Yellow!! They are yellow!!

Panic has set in....fall is officially here. So while working in the garden this afternoon and after seeing that little tree with the bright foliage, I began to think of what is to come.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, hunting season, and Christmas....but the snow is what I am most worried about.

I walked around the yard, picking up items and putting them away either in the storage trailer or in the sheds that are no longer needed for this year. When you start seeing leaves change in Northern Minnesota, you have to work fast at getting ready for colder can literally happen overnight.

I managed to clean up quite a bit and was satisfied with my accomplishments so I decided to take a meander over to the deer stand to see how it is holding up for another upcoming hunting season.

I noticed some of the tarp is falling down a little so I will have to make sure either Luke or Bob takes a hammer and nail to it before hunting season begins. Can't have those deer seeing you through the slits! That wouldn't work.

As you can see the stand is quite high up in a tree. Bob built it for Pasie a few years ago and it is used alot. In the winter it is fun to climb up and be able to see for miles once all the leaves have fallen and there is snow on the ground.

It is fun to climb up on a star filled night and feel that you can almost reach out and touch them... some nights it seems like you really could.

With the approach of hunting season comes lots of baking and cooking. We usually have alot of family here that I need to be prepared for. Now is the time that I begin to bake and cook so I can freeze everything. When the men arrive...all I have to do it pull something out and a nice, warm meal is ready for when then head in after night falls. It saves my sanity to be organized. :)

Well, off to make my list. I have already received requests for cabbage rolls, swedish meatballs, and taco dip. It will be a busy time once again but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Give all your loved ones a hug tonight. :)


  1. We're going this coming weekend to set tree stands. Starting to check everyones gear & make sure I did not miss any rips & tears. I'm testing canning some of the meat now. Hope to can a good amount of it this winter & save the freezer space. We will have to swap venison recipes!

  2. Swapping venison recipes sounds like a great idea! I personally don't hunt...I couldn't shoot those cute deer but I love eating the meat. :) Good luck on setting up the stands!

  3. I love fall! I, too, start thinking of all the fall things to come! Will do on the hugs and kisses for my loved ones tonight. You do the same! :)

  4. I love fall, however, I really dislike what comes after.. Ugh! But you're so right about Minnesota especially northern minnesota how quickly things can change.

    Fall = baking and slowcooking in my home. Oh and the apple orchard!


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