Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From a Grandmother to a Grandchild

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A poem for my son Lucas from his grandmother (he calls her Nanny).

My grandson is a man now
The years just passed so fast
I watched him grow but I still see
The little boy he was.
My first-born grandchild and I did not know
How deep my love would grow
I held that baby in my arms
And felt I held the world.
The time I spent with with him was precious
A beautiful little boy
So many memories crowd my mind
Of love and laughter and joy.
He grew up strong and healthy
I'm so proud of him today
He's kind and gentle and loving
And, to me, perfect in every way.


  1. Mahalo for posting that special poem Debbie!! Your mother is very eloquent with her words! MM

  2. Great poem,Granny's and their grandsons!!! We are all the same ,all over the world :0)


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