Monday, November 30, 2009

Found Treasures

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We spent some time yesterday on the four-wheelers. We have never seen weather like this before in Northern Minnesota at the end of November. It has been un-seasonably warm.... 40 degrees F during the we might as well take advantage of it.

At the back of our property there are piles of junk from when this land was an old junkyard. So while we were on a break from wheeling I asked Bob to pull over to one of the piles. I found this old washtub that I love and will use for planting flowers in next spring.
I also found this old oil can that has no dents or holes in it. I was quite excited as I love old stuff like this.
I am not sure what I will be using this for but I am sure I will figure something out.
The last few days have been spent wrapping Christmas presents and decorating the house. I have also been busy finishing up the last minute crochet projects that I have on the go. A friend of ours ordered a hat/scarf/mitten set for his two grandchildren so I really need to get these done! One set is finished and now I just have to get my motivation going to finish the other.
I hope you each have a wonderful evening with your loved ones!


  1. Love the wash tub :0)
    I havent started wrapping yet,I leave that till the last week.Nothing will go under the tree till Christmas eve,it would be way too tempting for little Grandsons,lol.

  2. OHHH! Great Finds! er... treasures really! The tin will look great sitting next to the tub of flowers

  3. My presents will be wrapped in the next couple of days. the tree is up and some decorations.
    The laundry tub is a great find just love it.

  4. Oh I love the wash tub. I'm a big antique/old things lover though... oh it would look gorgeous on the front porch! (Sorry...yes, I know it's yours *smile*) Those are hard to find nowadays. I'm making up a list of Christmas goodies for next year as I was totally unprepared to start homemade Christmas gifts this year. I'm done my shopping and did find some good deals though. I wonder what other treasures you have around your place; maybe you could have a scavenger hunt!
    The Girl in the Pink Dress

  5. Oh how I love finding treasures in piles of "junk." Sounds like you had a great ride!


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