Saturday, November 14, 2009


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Do you remember items from your childhood? I do. Certain things stand out in my mind that bring back wonderful memories. My Grandpa use to smoke a pipe. To this day whenever I smell the aroma from a pipe, I remember him. He use to sit in his chair in the livingroom and always wear a sweater....smoking his pipe. He had an ashtray that he always used to tap the ashes out of his pipe and I loved that ashtray.

I loved it because it had a Momma doggy and her babies following behind with a little gold chain that connected them all together. I remember playing with that chain all the time while Grandpa smoked his pipe.

One summer my Mom and I were hitting all the garage sales in town and what did I find? The exact same ashtray that I remember as a child. I grabbed it right away and bought it for a quarter. The chain was broken but I didn't care, it brought back so many wonderful memories that I just had to have it. I treasure my little ashtray and everytime I look at it, I remember my Grandpa. He passed away when I was only 7 years old.

The other item that I am desperately searching for is a cookie jar. I would love to add it to my most treasured items. This cookie jar also brings back wonderful memories at my Aunt's farm where we, as children, would spend our summers. My Auntie always made sure that cookie jar was full with treats for us kids. We were not allowed to touch it, she would have to give us the treats herself...that is how much she loves that cookie jar.

I would love to be able to find this. I keep trying but no luck so far. I keep my faith that I will someday find this cookie jar so I can always remember those wonderful summers on the farm.
So if you ever spot one, please let me know! =)


  1. Ahhh my grandfather also smoked a pipe and to this day I also remember the aroma.
    He was a true gentleman.

  2. Wow that is same as me my grandfather smaoked a pipe too but he passed away when I was about 5. Me and my sister spent weekends and summers with my Aunts and I have so many good memories.
    Different sides of the world and so similar

  3. My Da smoked a pipe. In times of trouble or when we're reallllly going thru something I smell it in the hall way.The odd thing is he passed before we moved here. I like to thing hes visiting and it really is a comfort!

    Deb, I'll be sure and keep my eye out for you!

  4. What great memories!! I love that you have the pictures to share too!! My father used to smoke a pipe and I always think of him in a peaceful mood when I smell pipe fragrance!! Have never seen such a cute cookie jar, but will keep my eyes open too!! Mahalo for sharing!! MM


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