Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Morning Gossip Session

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Every morning the same scene unfolds. We rise, start coffee, shower, catch up on the emails, have a bite to eat and then it happens.

The cars and trucks begin coming up the driveway. I have to make sure a full pot of coffee is brewing as it is time for the Male Morning Gossip Session!

This morning when I snapped this picture, only two buddies had shown up so far but there will be two more on the way.
Usually Luke is sitting in there with the guys but he jumped out of the snapshot as he hates having his picture taken....just like his Mom!
People always say that women are gossipers. Well I beg to differ. I have never heard such gossip as that that comes out of males mouths! Each morning they sit there and gossip for a couple of hours before heading out to the shop so I need to keep the goodies baked and ready to be attacked when they show up.
So when you hear a male say that women gossip, be sure to mention that you know better!
Have a great day everyone and give your loved ones a hug =)


  1. Debbie I always find men gossip as much as women if not more.

  2. Oh, a bunch of old roosters! Coffee and Debbie's home baked goodies...that's what they really come for!


  3. No doubt that men are just as bad, if not worse gossips than women. They just like to pretend it's "guy talk." :)

  4. Best post ever! Made me smile and I love that you have photo proof!

  5. I love how they are just sitting there ...getting waited on ! Must be secret mens business :0)


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