Monday, November 23, 2009


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Why do men like to collect junk? It seems to be something that is born within them. Bob is a junk collector.... a LARGE junk collector.

We have two storage sheds, 2 houses on the property packed to the rafters with stuff, a large barn and a garage! In some of those buildings, you can barely move around and most of the stuff is his. He takes in all sorts of junk from friends that are usually hauling it to the dump and then decide to stop here first to save themselves a trip. They KNOW he will take their junk.

The other day these two motors were dropped off. Now I understand that alot of people love old motors like this for collections and I respect that. I have been to many fishing lodges where I have seen old motors displayed on walls and I think they look terrific. They suit the surroundings that they have been placed in.

Unfortunately, the items Bob seems to end up with will never be lovingly displayed...they will end up at the back of the barn, collecting dust and pigeon poop while I trip over them every time I need to venture into the dungeon to try and find an item I need.

Oh well, we can't live with them and we can't live without them.

I just wish that he would stop collecting junk! =)


  1. I honestly don't understand it either. :P My man would never call it junk, something like "parts" or "But it's FREE stuff!" Just can't pass up free stuff. And then there's "You never know when you might need it someday." Hahaha..
    He keeps it in the shed for the most part...not in the house or on the I don't mind his little collection. It just baffles me to know end!
    The Girl in the Pink Dress

  2. My guy doesn't collect junk, but he won't throw anything away. Anything!!! So, I feel your pain, but differently.

  3. My DH doesn't collect stuff either, but we have 3 buildings full of stuff he just can't part with

    I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving, Debbie!

  4. My husband has 3 sheds full of tools and junk my whole back area of my land is full of junk cars 17 total that don't run most have been adopted by my husband. I hate it outside with all the junk and clutter he has which makes me very depressed. Who wants to look at that instead of a beautiful nice yard with grass, bushes and flowers, which was my original plan when i bought 40 acres, but no hope for that now would take 6 months to just hall all the cars off.


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