Monday, March 19, 2012

Funky Throw Pillows

Pin It Our local Walmart store has a HUGE selection of fabric right now starting at .75 cents per yard!  What a great price to re-stock the stash.

With alot of the Walmart's closing their fabric sections, our store is one of the lucky ones who are getting all the fabric from those closed departments.  The selection is wonderful, with many prints I had never seen before.

Since Lucas and Sarah need some throw pillows for their new apartment (mentioned in a previous post) I had been on the lookout for some fabric they would like. 

I found some that would match their bedroom comforter and since they are young, the pattern was something they will enjoy .... I hope. Their comforter is black with gold flecks ..... don't you think this will be a great addition?

I wanted the fabric to be removable so it could easily be washed and changed if they so desire or when a new comforter is purchased.  I searched the web until I found a pattern that was easy to follow and was happy when I ran across this ....   

First I needed some pillow forms.  Now in the instructions they mentioned you could even use an old pillow but I searched through my stash and found one pillow form I had picked up at Goodwill.

Notice I only paid .99 cents for it.  :)  I wanted to make them two pillows so I continued to dig through the stash and found some heavy white linen fabric .... just what I needed!  In only a few minutes a second pillow form was made in the same size as the store bought one.

Now, these 'pillow envelopes' are a breeze to make!  I had the fabric cut and sewn for the two pillows within 10 minutes ... amazing!

The pillow forms fit in the 'envelopes' just right.

Since I purchased one and a half yards of this fabric, I had enough left over to make two smaller pillows to add to the set.  These two are not 'envelopes' but I didn't want to have any of this fabric left over and figured it would be a cute addition.

I will make them some for their livingroom as well but I need to wait to find out what color their sofa will be!

Remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. Very cute pillows deb. Great price too. The kids will love them.

  2. These are really cool--I bet they will love them!



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