Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday's Tip

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I thought I would try something new....each Tuesday post a tip that you might find useful. Now these tips can be for anything - your home, your car, your yard, your garden ..... you get the idea. Maybe you will see one that you would like to try.

This week's tip is growing celery indoors. Now you might have started celery seeds indoors before transplanting to the garden in the spring, but I grow celery (well at least am trying to) year round right where I need it ... in my kitchen!

The first thing you need to do is buy one stalk of celery from the store.

Cut off the bottom .... approximately 2 - 3 inches. I trim the very bottom a little.

Have a well drained pot .... I am using an old coffee container with holes in the bottom.

Fill the container with dirt and fertilizer .... I used Miracle Grow soil.

Bury the bottom of the celery stalk about 2 inches below the surface of the soil.

Water well.

Place in a sunny location and watch it grow!

Now celery takes a while to grow (90-120 days) until it is ready to harvest but with patience and care you will have fresh celery that can be used any time of the year.

I am still waiting for my first stalk .... but looking forward to tasting it!


  1. Guess what I'm doing this afternoon?
    Yes! Planting a stalk of celery.
    Thanks Deb!

  2. I tried this about a month ago, but the celery hasn't made an appearance yet. I may try it again with another stalk I have in the fridge right now.

  3. This looks interesting--had NO idea that one could do this!



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