Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday's Tip

Pin It Spring has sprung around our area as well as many other areas around the country.  Isn't it wonderful?!

Spring signals new beginnings and promises of warmer weather, iced tea on the porch, robins singing and flowers in bloom.  Spring also signals the time to check over your vehicles.  LOL

All kidding aside, spring is the first time, for many in months .... that you have driven with your car windows open, enjoying those warm breezes.  While you are enjoying the breezes blowing through your hair, you also might hear new noises coming from your vehicle that you had not heard over the long, cold winter when all the windows were firmly kept closed.

Now is the time to listen for those new noises, check the oil and other fluids (maybe even splurge on an oil change), check the windshield wipers (for wear and tear) before the rain showers start and check the air in those tires.

The fluctuations in air temperatures can take a toll on these beasts that we love to hate but regular maintenance and common sense will ensure long, lazy Sunday drives.

I am imagining drives to flea markets, antique fairs, quilting and craft shows, garage/yard and rummage sales ...... all the pleasures of summer.  In order for me to fill my car with newly found treasures, it needs to be running in tip top shape .... and as the bumper sticker says ....

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