Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday's Tip

Pin It Today's tip is a trick to take care of those canvas running shoes.  With summer coming, it is time to 'treat' them so they last at least a season and continue to look great.  Canvas shoes don't last long around here with all the mud and I am very hard on shoes to begin with.

I picked up these canvas shoes at Goodwill last fall for $1.99.

All you need to make these shoes stay looking like new is some spray starch.

Spray liberally and let dry.  This starch is only .97 cents at Walmart.  A very cheap price to pay for your shoes to stay looking like new!


  1. Wow! Excellent suggestion! I did not know this...but you can bet that I will be giving it a "go."

  2. Wow!! Thanks Debbie for this tip, I wear white Keds all summer long, and like you, I'm pretty rough on my shoes, I have a can of starch in my laundry room!

  3. Love this tip. Will try it on my sneaks very soon.

  4. Nice job! Anything white turns red around here pretty quickly, with all the red clay dirt in the county. ;)

  5. Great helpful hint.
    Will keep this in mind.



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