Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Walk to the Island

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We have an island.....on our property. It is a small island surrounded by a fast moving creek and swamp land.

Since the shop was slow today, I forced hubby Bob to go for a walk with me to the 'island'.

Now the island is only accessible in two ways ..... in the summer if the water table is extremely low or two ... in the winter when everything is frozen.

I have been walking to the island daily on my morning jaunts. It is quite a hike and with three feet of snow to trudge through, it is not for the faint hearted .... BUT .... I quit smoking on January 1st of this year and have never felt better so I don't have a problem .....dear hubby on the other hand has not quit and it was quite a chore for him.

He had to keep taking breaks to catch his breath and was amazed that I was even able to jog the last little bit. I am hoping to get him out daily for this hike and show him what a difference there is to tossing those cigarettes in the garbage.

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