Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lazy Sunday

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Well, we woke to more snow this morning...very frustrating! We have had such a mild winter this year and now Mother Nature has chosen to be a royal pain in the butt in March when we should be enjoying spring like temperatures!

Once the plowing was done, I decided to try and finish the knitted block blanket I started back in January. It was a pattern I found on Ravelry....

The technique is to knit each block separately and then sew them all together.....NEVER again will I make a blanket like this! I did NOT enjoy sewing all the blocks together and I do not care for how it turned out....but it was a valuable lesson.

I do not like to have unfinished projects laying around and I do not like to just stop working on them. I prefer to finish and donate them to Goodwill if I do not care for the end result....that is what I will be doing with this little lapghan.

While I struggled along trying to finish this, dear hubby was in the mood to play 'chef'.... I LOVE that!!! While the sun was setting we all enjoyed his 'concoction' of wild rice, beef and red peppers.....delicious!

Off to enjoy my pot of tea and work on the next project.....have a great evening everyone and remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. We have only had 3" of measurable rain/snow this winter! It is truly amazing.
    I think your blanket is great--the color combo is cool!
    Enjoy the snow. :)


  2. The blanket is adorable deb. It turned out really nice. Too bad it's so much work.


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