Friday, March 2, 2012

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What a beautiful day today! The temperatures warmed up to a balmy 32 degrees with sunny skies. Such a nice treat!

As promised yesterday, I would like to direct you over to another friend's blog. This friend is only known as Madhen...and she is a real treat! This lady is one of the most dedicated people for animal rescue that I have ever known. She lives on a beautiful mountain in California raising goats, donkeys, chickens, birds, dogs, cats and whatever else that might catch her fancy.

Her blog is a real treat so pop on over and say hi! Madhen can be found here...

I am sure you will enjoy it.

I snapped this picture early this morning while out on my morning walk....the sun was just coming up.

Tomorrow is Saturday....usually Saturdays are a very busy day for us with company that likes to pop in for a cup of coffee and a cookie or two. I cannot believe how fast the weeks fly by!

Remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. That is a beautiful picture of the sun coming up behind the barn! Hope you have a wonderful Saturday, and enjoy whoever may pop in for coffee & cookies!


  2. What a great picture!
    Have a super weekend.
    I have left comments on your previous


  3. Thanks ladies, it is nice to hear from both of you again!


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