Friday, March 16, 2012

Sixty-Five Degrees in Minnesota in March?!

Pin It The temperatures the last few days have been amazing.  Can you imagine 65 degrees in March?!  I want to pull out the shorts but something keeps holding me back ..... it just doesn't seem right ..... something is wrong .... either that or Mother Nature is playing a really mean trick on us and will plunge us back into winter soon.  I sure hope not!

Since she has decided to treat us kindly, I have been enjoying the days outside.  I have been picking garbage that always seems to pop up in the spring .... where it comes from, I have no idea ..... checking the flowerbeds, garden for winter damage and dreaming of when I can get my hands dirty again, and sitting on the deck with a cup of coffee soaking up the rays.  What a treat!

I took the following pictures of our old garden tiller two days ago and then again today.  See how fast the snow has melted?! 

These flowers were a gift from my Mom and they are enjoying the warm sun ... they love it when I place them on the windowsills in the morning.

Whatever Mother Nature's plans are .... I have decided that I am going to enjoy the amazing weather she is giving us.

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