Monday, November 16, 2009

Not much new here!

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Another busy weekend with the hunters here. My weekend was spent cooking, baking and keeping drinks filled. I am relieved that there is only one more weekend left for hunting as I need to start concentrating on Christmas! I love Christmas!

Today the weather was a warm 48 degrees and sunny so I decided to get my outside Christmas decorations up before the weather turns nasty and cold.

We don't put up much outside...lots inside though! Just a wreath, a little lighted deer and some garland on the step railing. This year I also hung some cute little signs in the birch tree outside the front door....but that's it. It didn't take me long but I am glad that it is done so I don't have to think about it anymore!
I took some time to move furniture around in the livingroom, give it a good cleaning so I can put up our tree after Thanksgiving. A little baking and some visiting with company and that rounded up my weekend and my day today.
Just waiting for Pasie and Luke to come in from hunting. I am hoping to hear a shot but it is almost time to come in so I think they will be skunked again today. Well, there is always tomorrow.
Have a great evening everyone with your loved ones! :)


  1. Hello Debbie,

    Your life is so different from mine. I love reading about how other people live.

    Good luck with the hunting, we don't get deer around here. They can only be found in Parks and are protected. There are deer farms though.

    We can hunt, but it is difficult because of the gun laws in Australia. A lot of fireams are banned and you need to hold a licence to have a gun, they have to be kept in a locked specially made gun case. The ammunition is to be kept in another separate locked place and the locked case needs to be bolted to the floor... unbelievable hey? There is only a choice of rabbit or fox to hunt.

    We don't celebrate Thanksgiving the way you do in Oz, although I am sure some do.

    Christmas is coming fast and we get to wonder what the temperature will be on the day. Extremely hot, warm or a nice cool day. We get to swim in the pool if it is too hot.

    Enjoy your decorating and have a nice day,


  2. I started with some Christmas decorations on Saturday because I had the time and knew I might not get to it another time.

  3. They look good! I prefer simpler decorations my self. E mail me when you get a chance, I lost your address in the last computer burp


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