Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Paper Carrots

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Decorating for Easter has kind of slipped by the wayside this year.  The holiday really did sneak up on me!  Searching around Pinterest, I found quite a few crafts that could be made quickly just in time for the big day.
There was this pin but of course there was no link to the actual directions.  Grrrr, I hate when that happens!  I like to credit the creator and I am unable to do that when there is no link. 
Anyhow, I decided to dig out some old wallpaper stock I had in my stash.
Finding some that was suitable to make carrots, I trimmed the wallpaper to the desired size (actually once they were all glued, they turned out bigger than expected!) and using my hot glue gun, I glued up the sides.

Trimming the top, I used a paper hole punch and evenly spaced holes around the top of each carrot.  Then I cut some green yarn, folded it in half, fed it through the holes and pulled the end through the loop and pulled until snug.
Adding green fake grass, I filled with candy and they are ready to go.
Happy crafting and remember to give your loved ones a hug! 


  1. I LOVE this idea! So crafty! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Such a swell idea! Thanks for sharing the how-to. Happy Easter :)

  3. Great idea, they look awesome!

  4. CUTE!!! I love your creativity :)


  5. What a cute idea...a she runs off trying to see if materials are on hand to make them.....

  6. These are adorable, Debbie. You're very creative. :)

    Just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. Please check out this post on my blog for more info:


  7. Very cute.
    Easter in March is tough because it comes
    up so fast.

    M :)


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