Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday's Blessings

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this week I loved the .....
smell of : gingerbread cookies fresh from the oven
sound of : some of my favorite tunes
taste of :  a hot cup of tea
sight of :  the prize I won on a favorite blog
feel of :  yarn running through my fingers while knitting
this week I am thankful for .....
an interesting online class
a treat in the mail
fresh air!
Have a Blessed Sunday and remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. Hi Debbie, Your blog is one of my favorites - The award has found to the right owner! Oh the gingerbread cookies sound delicious ... the online course sounds very inspiring - what is it about? I'm taking also one at the moment, the Art of Composition on Photography - I like a lot the freedom to join the classromm anytime of the day, share projects online and receive video - materials via internet. Enjoy the course, and have a blessed week :-)

    1. Oh thank you Nina so much! I hope you do decide to take that course, your photos are beautiful! Enjoy your week as well. :0)

  2. Always love stopping by your blog :-)

  3. This is a beautiful blog! I am glad that you posted on the Sew Many Ways linking party. I am well familiar with the farms in Minnesota. Your banner and photos remind me of home.

    1. Thanks Janet! I am so glad you stopped by. Have a wonderful evening! :0)

  4. You always have the most positive posts. Hope your day is full of peace.


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