Thursday, March 7, 2013

Three PIn Thursday

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It is time once again for Three Pin Thursday!  This is when I share three pins from Pinterest that have amazed me, inspired me or that I just love.
Since St. Patrick's Day is coming up soon, I thought I would pin my favorites for the holiday!
First up, twisted shamrock pretzels.  Aren't these just adorable and oh so easy.
Cute cite cute ~~~Twisted Pretzel Shamrocks--instructions and tag printable.
I thought this would be such a wonderful keepsake if you have grandchildren.  How cute is this?
St Patricks Day
picture only - no link

And for the third pin today.  Another crafty baking idea.  Shamrock cupcakes! I will definitely be trying this ..... now just to find the marbles.
Shamrock Cupcakes
I hope you enjoyed the pins today.  Happy pinning and remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. Hello Friend, I love theses pins. Shamrock cupcakes-Yum! Have a great day, Anna

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  3. Anything with little kids hands are adorable! And the cupcakes are such a creative idea!


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