Monday, April 8, 2013

DIY Plastic Bag Holder

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I have a recycling project today.  One that can be used in the car, in the washroom, or even under the kitchen sink! 
We use these Lysol wipes at the school where I work everyday.  So needless to say, I end up with quite a few of these tubs once they are emptied.  I hate throwing containers out.  There are just too many uses for them and I found one for these on Pinterest (of course).

First, I removed the lid and the wrapper on the outside of the container and scraped all the glue that remained stuck. 
Choosing some heavy-weight paper in a pattern that would match the interior of my car, I quickly mixed up some watered down white glue (you could use mod-podge but I didn't have any on hand). 
Measuring the circumference of the container with an overlap of about an inch and in length I added about 2 extra inches, I cut the paper to size.
For the bottom to fit properly, I made slits so that the paper would fold over neatly.  Then I removed the lid and spread the glue on the back of the whole paper and carefully placed it on the container.  I continued to spread the glue liberally on the outside.  Placing the container on its top, I began to fold over the tabs that I had cut for the bottom making sure that the glue covered every millimeter of the paper.
Once I thought there was enough glue over the whole container, I let it sit overnight to dry thoroughly. 
The next morning, I trimmed the paper near the top where the lid snaps on.

Digging out some plastic bags from the grocery store and department stores, I spread them out and folded them like this ...
Rolling them up, I placed the whole roll into the container, added the lid and pulled the first plastic bag out a little way so it is ready to be used!
Perfect for the car.   You can see the original tutorial here.
 Now that's one way to recycle those containers!  Do you know anything I could use them for?  I would love to hear some ideas.  Happy recycling and remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. What a great idea. I try to keep a few bags under the car seat for trash or those up chuck rides with the little ones. Nice way to keep them neat and not blowing around in the car.
    Oh, what about using them to knit or crochet? Toss the yarn in and feed it through the hole!

  2. Hi Debbie,
    That is the sweetest plastic bag holder I've seen! I'll Pin it right away - Pinterest serves well as an extern harddisc for me :)

  3. Great idea. I use those wipes for my bathroom sinks and counters so I always wonder what to do with the empty tubs too.

  4. They are great for holding markers, crayons or other art
    type stuff.

    We use them at school for our students to
    practice " put in" activities.

    M :)

  5. Fantastic idea, Debbie! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.



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