Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday's Snaps

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I just can't.  I just can't bear to show you any more pictures of snow.  Another winter storm moved in Thursday night and dumped 23 more inches (and it is still snowing) so all I can do now is dream of spring so I am borrowing some spring pictures this week to hopefully convince Mother Nature that she missed over us and needs to come and visit us too!


A girl can dream right?  Enjoy your weekend and remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. So Sorry Debbie. Just doesn't seem fair!

  2. Good Afternoon Debbie, My word, you are really having a lot of snow. Is it normal for you to have this much snow during April. The weather this year has really been odd hasn't it. We have had our central heating at full blast, when normally it is switched off during April. We had a lovely sunny day today (sorry) so I spent it out in the garden, tidying it up ready for the spring flowers.
    I do hope the snow passes soon.
    Take care,
    Best Wishes

    1. It really isn't normal Daphne, we actually broke the record this year for snowfall in April. I am glad you are able to get out in the garden. Enjoy some sunshine for me!

  3. I can't imagine having snow now!
    We went on a field trip that was
    mostly outdoors yesterday and it
    was windy and cold!
    Hopefully Spring will come to
    your neck of the woods soon.

    M :)

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  5. Oh my! Again?!? A girl should definitely dream. For now, I guess you will have to live vicariously through others blogs of planting and spring.

  6. Oh no, more snow?! I am so sorry :( The pictures of Spring are beautiful and soon that is what you will be looking at out your windows :)


  7. Oh dear ... where does all that snow come from?! I hope your dreams come true soon ... We all need to walk on a field filled with summer flowers!


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