Monday, April 29, 2013

Lap Quilt Finished!

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A while back, I showed you a pile of fabric during a winter storm we were having and I had decided to dive in and make a quilt.....seeing that being cooped up in the house was beginning to drive me mad. 
I did  have time to finish it and I LOVE it.  It is just the right weight.  A quilt's weight is very important to me.  It has to be just right to feel cozy.  Rag quilt instructions can be found all over Pinterest but I always followed my old standby from Jubilee Homespun.
One afternoon while the snow was falling and the wind was howling, I set my sewing machine up on the kitchen table in front of the bay window and sewed away while enjoying the view and pots of tea. 
This is the first rag quilt I decided to add binding to the edges rather than leaving them frayed.  I like the look of seems more finished.
Although the weather is finally starting to turn pleasant, I will be enjoying the quilt in the fall when the weather turns cold once again. 
Happy sewing and remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. It looks so cozy. I love the earthy colors. Good Job Debbie

  2. I like the idea of binding the edges. The quilt looks great!

  3. Now you have something to look forward to come fall.

  4. Beautiful! You did a great job with it.

  5. Congratulations, Debbie, your quilt is beautiful!

  6. It looks great! I bet it is cozy.

    M :)

  7. Debbie, I love the colors. You did a beautiful job! I too am particular about a quilt's weight. I lean toward the lighter ones.

  8. It looks oh so cosy Debbie.

  9. Oh Debbie, your quilt is stunning! I love the look of it - so sweet and cozy :) Beautiful job.

    Hugs to you,


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