Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Fabric Basket

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I love candy.....especially chocolate. Hershey's kisses are one of my favorite.  They hold a big bang of chocolate in a little tiny package.
I don't normally have candy just laying around otherwise I just eat the whole thing but I have been trying to restrain myself more but I decided it would be nice to put out some candy over the Easter holiday.
I wanted a cute bowl to put the candy in and looking around, I really didn't have anything suitable so what did I do?  I made one.
Looking on Pinterest for inspiration, I found quite a few ideas and then I found this one and thought it couldn't hurt giving it a try.
Gathering my scrap fabric, a pair of pinking shears, I started by cutting a range of different patterned scraps into small squares using my pinking shears. 
Blowing up a balloon to a small size, I then mixed up my homemade modge podge and started applying a thick coat to the balloon and then over the squares once I had placed them in random order over the balloon.
It didn't take me long but it was sort of messy.  I did tape the balloon to the counter as it kept rolling away from me.
Once I felt I had enough squares, I hung the balloon to dry overnight.
The next morning, I popped the balloon and once again taking my pinking shears, I carefully trimmed all around the top of the bowl so it was uniform and the size I wanted.
The bowl isn't as sturdy as I would like it.  I think next time I will add more layers of fabric but I love the look of the  bowl and many more could be made to suit each holiday....just to have a few treats laying around for company or when I need a pick me long as I don't need too many pick me ups or I will need to pick my butt up off the couch and go for more walks to whittle away the pounds that I will be gaining! 
Have a wonderful day and remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. How clever ... it looks terrific!

  2. Cute idea Debbie. I've been doing a lot of decoupaging lately but didn't know you could make your own?

    1. Thanks Sharon, it is so much cheaper too!

  3. That is so cute!

  4. I love this idea! Now to find my pinking shears!

  5. Ahh endless source of GOOD ideas. nice to see your version. Very clever!

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